Bad decisions changed my life.

When you’re young you think you’re invincible and that you can make decisions on your own without thinking about the consequences. Growing up, when I was in high school, I was acting out towards everyone and I looked to get in trouble in school. It started in middle school where I just liked the attention I received when I got in trouble. There was so much going on in my life at the time and the way to forget about that was to get in trouble. From all the bad decisions I made came the consequences, adults and teachers telling me that I wouldn’t amount to anything in life and that I would either be selling drugs, in jail, or dead. Those words changed my life before I even realized they did. I kept acting up through my sophomore year and that’s when I decided to try and make the change, but when I tried to, that’s when those words adults and teacher said to me came back. They took over my mind and caused me to have low self esteem, they beat me down to the ground and I was trapped by my own thinking. My mind would take over and tell me that I was not worth it and why even try if you aren’t suppose to do that or you will never be as good as someone who did good in school. For the remainder of high school, I would barely get by and not care about school or even care about showing up. I would skip class and since I was driving since I was 15, I would just walk off campus to my truck and leave for the day and just drive around until it was time for school to let out and I would go back to school to just drive around and pick up friends. I missed so much school that they assigned someone to check on me and make sure I knew what would happen if I kept missing school. This person is who I consider the reason I graduated high school, his name was Mr. Reed from the SNAP program at school. The program was just introduced and was targeting at risk students and I remember sitting in class when they called for me to go to this room. In the room was Mr. Reed and another female counselor, I sat down with my normal “I don’t care what you have to say to me” attitude. He opened a file with my attendance and school record since elementary and looked at me and asked “do you know how many days you’ve missed this school year” to which I responded “I don’t know”. He said that I had missed so many days that it would be impossible for me to graduate anymore and that at that rate I would have to go before a judge to decide if I would be allowed to go back the next year or be considered a lost cause and kicked out of school. I guess from the change in facial expression on my face, he knew he hit a spot with me. He then explained how important school was and shared some stories about how not graduating affected other students. While telling me these stories I noticed that he began to cry. I saw the passion in his eyes and the conviction in his voice so I decided to take him serious and that he was there to help me and not talk down on me like every other adult that gave me a lecture. He told me that he could convince some people to allow me to graduate if I could come to school all day for 25 days straight and to make sure that I came, that he would call to wake me up each morning and give me a ride if I needed it. Sitting there and listening to the stories and how he wanted me to graduate made me decide that I would take him up on this chance to graduate. Mr. Reed changed my life and who knows how many others they helped and never received anything other than the happiness of helping kids in need or in trouble. This man will always be someone I am thankful for and will remember. Thanks for reading and next time I will talk about what happened after graduating.

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