Go after it!

I’ll follow my dream when my ducks are in a row…. I’ve heard that before and have actually thought that way myself. The thing is that you will never have all your ducks in a row to start going after your dream. You just have to decide to go after it no matter what and not be concerned with what’s missing. When I had the vision of opening my own firm, I would tell myself ” OK first finish school” so I did then “OK learn the industry and get licensed” did that and then…what I realized is that you can always find something to do or reasons to postpone before you pursue your dream. Whether it be opening a business, landing a dream job, finishing something that means a lot to you, or just about anything that has significant meaning to you, reasons will find their way into keeping you from going after it. I finally said ” Quit finding reasons to not start the firm” and I just said enough is enough and I went after it. Of course people said it was impossible and that it would require thousands of dollars and that it was the hardest thing to do. I didn’t care and I like writing those things said by others so that I can use it as motivation. Now I started the firm and I’ll admit that it is hard like people said it was, but I love it and don’t see it as something that keeps me up at night nor keeps me from doing it each day. They say it takes about 4-5 years of countless hours, hard work, and determination to reach your dream so know that it will take time and that you may not have all the answers to your questions or questions others may ask you. It’s ok to not know, what matters is that you want to learn it and can reach out to find the answers. My journey will be a long one, but one that will pay off in the end and allow me to reach my second dream of helping those in need and speaking with at risk youths about being motivated to be the best version of themselves. Don’t let yourself get in the way of yourself! If you have a dream that doesn’t seem like it can be done, know that everyone that started to pursue their dream and made it, had those same thoughts as you. You just have to believe that you can do it and don’t stop until you make it. There will be many many setbacks on your path, but don’t get discouraged by it. Ask successful people who reached their dream how easy it was and you will almost always get the same answer….it was hard. You have to be in an uncomfortable mindset because that’s when you grow as an individual and as Thomas Jefferson said “If you want something you never had, you must be willing to do something you have never done”. One more thing to remember is that during your path, reach out to others for help and always be willing to help those starting out because you were in the same spot and can lend a helping hand. Nobody can stop you and nobody can tell you what you can and can’t do so make it happen and go after it.

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