Stressing out!!!

Tomorrow is MONDAY….ugh!!! I used to think this way all the time and would hate knowing that I’d have to go to work. Work should be something you love to do, something that you would do even if you didn’t get paid for it. You stress out about work, bills, life, and things going on at the time, but stress will be there no matter where you are in life. Life will happen no matter what and problems will come whether you’re ready or not. Have you ever been stressed out about something and it seems that when you’re stressed out, more problems come piling in. It’s like life knows you are down right now so why not add some more problems to your plate. Nothing you do goes well and it seems like anything you try to do to fix it, it goes wrong and another problem comes from it. I’ve learned that the more you let things stress you out, the more things will seem to get worse. What happens is when stress comes, it’s best friend negativity comes along too. All the negative thoughts come in to stress you out more and make you think that you will never solve or get through the problem. Your mind is a very powerful tool that can either HELP you or HURT you and it all depends on HOW you use it. Once you start picking yourself up when problems come and start thinking about the fact that problems will pass, you rarely stress about anything. You have to put positive thoughts in your mind so that it becomes part of your subconscious. What happens then is that when problems come along, negativity doesn’t come with it because you trained your mind to think of the positives and how to solve it without stressing out. Motivate yourself each morning by listening to a positive message or reading positive quotes which will decide what type of mood you will be in for that day. When you are motivated and think positively, opportunities that are always there will become more visible. There are always opportunities around you, but what makes them apparent is determined by what mindset you are currently in. When you are negative or unmotivated, you will talk yourself out of that opportunity or just miss it because you don’t see it. What opportunities are passing you by because of your thinking?

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