Didn’t go to college..

I didn’t go to college so I can’t be successful, right? WRONG!!!! Bill Gates founder of Microsoft, Larry Elison cofounder of Oracle, Mary Kay Ash founder of Mary Kay, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak cofounders of Apple, Walt Disney founder of Walt Disney Corporation, and Vidal Sassoon founder of Vidal Sassoon, all have something in common….they either dropped out or didn’t go to college. I don’t have to tell you how successful these people are because these names are etched in history. What make them different is that they followed their dreams and worked hard to get where they are now. My point is that you don’t need to go to college or finish college to pursue your dreams. Sometimes you just need to hear the right thing at the right time to make all the difference in the world. Take this for example, have you ever heard a song or movie or even read a book a second time or multiple times later and pick up on something you never heard and it changes how you see that song, movie, or book? It blows your mind! I listen to Les Brown a lot and one of his speeches that I listened to so many times did that to me and even now when I need motivation and listen to his speeches, something new comes to light and changes my view or gives me the fuel I need. You don’t need to go to college to land a great job or have a life changing career, being through college and an MBA program, I can tell you that it only helps guide you and give you the tools to put it into action. You still need to apply what you learn and by no means does it mean you will automatically land your dream job because just as you want that position, hundreds of others want the same position. Always prepare for the opportunity you want and practice your talent everyday so that when the time comes, you are better prepared than the competition. It’s better to prepare for an opportunity and not have one than to have an opportunity and not be prepared. You have to set yourself apart from others and know that you can achieve the same if not better success without a college degree. Now I am all for higher education and recommend it to everyone because of experiences you gain from professors and other classmates, plus the knowledge you gain from classes. I know many smart people that didn’t go to college that learned from reading and experiences on specific things they are passionate about, but feel insecure about their knowledge when they speak in front of college educated people. Achieving success is not determined  by what school you went to, or if you went to college, or what your grades were, but what you define success to be and how bad you are willing to work at making your dream happen. Don’t let not going to college hold you back because even those who get degrees are no different than you. Smart Decisions. Smart Results.

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