Ask These Four Questions to Cut Back on Unnecessary Subscriptions 

These are some of the questions I ask myself when making a financial decision. Especially when it is something that is automatically charged or renewed without thinking about it. Let’s be real, most of the time we forget about canceling subscriptions even when we tell ourselves that we will do it. I can think of a few we have all probably been in, the “extra” channels if you’re still using cable. The cable company throws in these extra channels for 3 months free and what happens…you forget to cancel before they bill you. It’s usually the subscription models that do not remind you through email or mail that you will forget to cancel. This will likely cause you to pay for something you already forgot about for a few months until you realize they are charging you extra on your credit card statement. That’s if you even review your statement each month before paying it since just about everything is autopay to save us time. Take a look at this article here.

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