About Me

My name is Jose Medina and I am a Financial Advisor that helps people plan for their future. I started my Registered Investment Advisory Firm here in Texas to follow my dream of helping people understand their financial situation and to create a plan to meet their goals. I believe that failing to plan is planning to fail. I am a Premier Advisor at Investopedia.

The reason for the blog is to be able to help people make sense of finance in general. It has become way to technical that if I tried to explain it, it wouldn’t make sense unless you’re an experienced investor. Plus you shouldn’t be worried about learning all these financial terms and technical analysis to try and build a plan, that’s why my firm J I Medina Investments, LLC was formed and that’s why I want to be the one to help guide you.

The other reason for the blog is to share my personal experience of overcoming setbacks from my childhood so that it motivates others to follow their dreams. I will also share motivational thoughts that come to mind because everyone should know that they are great. What will make you realize it is the decision to believe in yourself and pursue your dreams.

Please visit and share my website for more details about the firm and send me any questions you may have on the contact form on the website.



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