How has life been treating you?

Read this quote and ask yourself this “are you changing your life or is life changing you?

We have all had our fair share of “issues” in life, whether it be people talking about us, not feeling like we can do something, bad news, or failing at something. When those things happen in our lives we kind of feel beat by life. That’s why this quote has so much meaning behind it because no matter what happens in life, life goes on and it takes the path that you choose to take.

I know we have all been through a hard breakup or something really hard and it seems like nothing matters or you become so depressed that everything in life seems like it’s your fault. Your mind is powerful and it can be a huge benefit or a huge weakness….what I mean is that how you talk to yourself inside your head will determine how you see yourself. It’s easy to tell yourself why you shouldn’t, can’t or explain why you should do what is comfortable. In order to grow and set your life on the path that you deserve, you have to do what is uncomfortable. I know what you’re saying, “it’s easier said than done” and I agree.

When I started my business and everyone said it would be hard or impossible and nobody came to help, I could’ve given up and told myself to go work for someone else again and make their dreams come true. It was hard doing things I had never done before because I always felt like I was doing them wrong or when I was told no so many times, I would question my abilities. Then one day I set a negative goal and that changed everything for me. Here’s what I did, I told myself instead of going out and getting 25 names and numbers to prospect, I would go until I got 10 “NOs”. That day I could only get 7 NOs and the next day I got 6 and then 4 and then 3. What I realized is that the more I looked for NOs, the more I was becoming comfortable doing the uncomfortable. I just turned my focus from people saying yes to looking for NOs which originally scared me and kept me from starting. I was searching for failure because I knew it would make me more comfortable with doing the uncomfortable.

You hear people say it all the time, that if they can do it then you can too. I can’t tell you how true this is and it’s a matter of choosing your path in life and not having life choose for you. The point I’m trying to make is that no matter what your life is currently, you can change it if you choose to.

My request to you, if you know of anyone that can benefit from what you read, please share it with them. I am always open to helping people find their passion and getting them started.