Beat Quota Last Month? Who Cares!

I’ve held various sales positions over my career and when I saw this meme, I couldn’t help but laugh. Sales positions can be very lucrative, depending on where the position falls in terms of the sales funnel. What I mean is that those positions that are considered “hunter” roles, pay the most because you are tasked with finding new customers.

What I find hilarious about the meme is that it is so true. Sales people push and push each month to exceed quota just to be in the same spot again the following month. Your sales manager would be the one saying last month’s sales mean nothing. What sucks is that those of us in sales understand the stressful things we deal with when closing those deals, especially when you solve the customer’s problem and the customer agrees, but takes their time to sign the deal.

In the end, we choose sales because of the thrill of closing deals and if you’re in sales, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Perfecting your pitch, trying different sales tactics, closing those impossible customers, and the loooooong hours, all those things lead to HUGE commission checks.

I’ve learned many different sales techniques and continue to learn everyday. It’s important to keep practicing your craft and learning from others and read lots of books. I’ve learned so much from sales books and more so from psychology books. The point is that even if you beat quota, never stop learning because in the end, “Last Month’s Sales Don’t Matter This Month!”

Now go out there and sell something!